I'm Melissa and I'm starting to think I'm too old for this website
Anonymous asked: are you a market person/vintage person? where are some good markets you've been to?

I wish I could be! markets seem to always be held on the weekends and I always work weekends. I don’t really have the patience to trawl for gems though sadly. I’m the worst shopper, in then out. But I do really like markets when opportunity arises! 

Anonymous asked: who are your closest mates?

I don’t really have many close friends which I kind of like in a way. I’ve got my sister who is eternally my best mate and my housemate Tim who I’ve got a really great special friendship with. I still cherish some of my high school friends and think about them often, and I’ve got a few nice uni buddies. But yeah, no close group of friends I’m afraid.

Anonymous asked: did you get that france thing? when do you find out?

I don’t know yet! I have an interview on the 2nd of May and I find out if I’m successful on the 6th. I reeeeeally want it.

Anonymous asked: recommend me some movies to watch tonight? :)

I’m the worst person to ask! What are you in the mood for? All I really watch are kind of psychological dramas or dodgy British documentaries on iView.

Anonymous asked: what is on your wish list/to buy list...?? :)

I’d like an endless supply of portra 160 and 400 film and a free means to develop it. It sounds like a cop out but I’d just like more hours in the day, a more organised motivation of gathering my friends and loved ones together and spending quality time in each others company more often. And snap them having good times. I can’t think of any clothes/shoes/makeup/anything else of that nature that I want at the moment, sorry! Maybe a new bike with a cool basket on the front.

Anonymous asked: why did you have such a bad day? x

I was meant to work today for 9 hours, on amazing penalty rates because its easter. But I called in sick because I didn’t feel up to it, I guess I’ve sunk into a bit of a negative headspace despite trying really hard not to. I’ve just got to keep ploughing through with uni work, no real time to nurture any sort of state of mind, let alone try to improve it

dnoces asked: Who is the first person you like to tell when something really great or funny or surprising happens?... Sorry about the bad day btw. Hopefully they're not all so bad.

It depends on who is around or what has happened! Sometimes my twin sister Ashleigh, sometimes my housemate or my mum or Oliver in the passed. Sometimes just Tumblr :P and thaaaaanks!

Talk to me, ask me questions. I’ve had a really terrible day, pleeeease?

I’ve had two offers to photograph Splendour now, I feel so incredibly lucky! 

I would like to escape my mind for just a little while please